Post-rainy Sorghum

Newly developed high biomass sorghum. Photo: B Veera Shetty, ICRISAT

Newly developed high biomass sorghum and pearl millet a boon to 2G biofuel production in India

The advantages of newly developed high biomass sorghum and pearl millet developed by ICRISAT and Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR) for use as feedstock in second generation or lignocellulosic (2G) biofuel production in India was highlighted at a recent workshop. India is a signatory to the UN Climate Change Paris Agreement (COP21) and biofuel production is one of the thrust areas identified to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The country’s ethanol production is mainly from sugarcane molasses. However, considering severe…

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Trials of postrainy sorghum hybrids sought by private sector seed industry

Trials of postrainy sorghum hybrids and distribution of the hybrids to as many private sector seed companies as possible was a major recommendation of the private sector seed industry at a recent consultation meeting. This would enable the companies to test the hybrids in multiple locations and identify the best ones for commercialization. Currently, private sector presence is dismal in the sorghum seed chain as open pollinated varieties are predominant in postrainy sorghum. This initiative would ensure their active participation…

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Enhancing postrainy sorghum to meet the demand in India

In India, improved productivity through better varieties offers an attractive opportunity for sorghum farmers to improve their incomes and at the same time meet the country’s demand. With this as the backdrop, the inception workshop of the second phase of “Improving postrainy sorghum varieties to meet the growing grain and fodder demand in India” project was organized by ICRISAT’s Research Program on Dryland Cereals on 18-20 March at the ICRISAT headquarters. The project is funded by the Australian Centre for…

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New prospects on postrainy sorghum research and dissemination

New prospects in the diversification of the genetic base of postrainy sorghum in India are underway. This was demonstrated during the Sorghum Scientists’ Field Day held on 17-18 February at ICRISAT Patancheru. The efforts of ICRISAT and partners in the genetic diversification of postrainy sorghum seed parents by combing various landraces or their derivatives, have resulted in a good number of postrainy sorghum hybrids with higher grain yield (by 25-30%) and farmers’ preferred quality traits. Improved seed parents and pollen…

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Post-rainy sorghum improvement program showcased at field day

Post-rainy sorghum, once considered to be a subsistence crop in the semi-arid tropics of South Asia, is now yielding marketable surpluses of quality grain and fodder which are helping farmers realize higher prices for their products. The current market price of post-rainy sorghum is among the highest in food grains. To showcase the diversity in the post-rainy sorghum material bred for various traits and nuances through ICRISAT’s sorghum improvement program, a field day was organized at the ICRISAT headquarters on…

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The CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Cereals (Dryland Cereals) is a partnership between two members of the CGIAR Consortium – ICRISAT (lead center), and ICARDA, along with a number of public and private institutes and organizations, governments, and farmers globally.
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