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millet curtain raiser

First curtain raiser to popularize millets

About 50 media representatives and bloggers engaged with industry experts and state government officials concluding that while the value of millets is high, awareness is low and modern ways to use them are yet to be fully discovered. This was the first curtain raiser event to develop a campaign to popularize millets with new products ranging from millet ice cream to millet pasta and muffins on the menu and the agenda. The campaign is an initiative of the Karnataka Government…

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Finger millet can help address malnutrition

Finger millet can play a key role in fighting malnutrition and bringing down the numbers of malnourished children under five years of age. “Finger millet is high in calcium, zinc and iron. Hence it is good for children, young women and breast-feeding mothers. It possesses important amino acids, which help fight malnutrition and degenerative diseases,” said Dr Rhoda Nungo, Food Nutritionist, Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) – Alupe Research Centre, Busia. She was speaking at a training program.…

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Finger millet and sorghum improving productivity and promoting agri-business in western Kenya

Food on the Table, Money in the Pocket was the clarion call given by Mr Moses Osia, County Executive on Agriculture, Busia County in western Kenya. Along with participatory varietal selection and improved agronomic practices, value-added processed products from finger millet and sorghum were showcased in a series of field days. Mr Osia highlighted progress made by the Busia county government in the agricultural sector including provision of subsidized tractor services, seeds and fertilizer. He further added that the County…

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New sorghum and finger millet cultivars ready to take off in Malawi

Three early-maturing sorghum cultivars are in the process of getting released in Malawi, while the introduction of three finger millet varieties selected by farmers are expected to resurrect a crop that has ‘disappeared’ in the southern region of the country. The three sorghum varieties earmarked for on-farm testing and release – KARI Mtama 1, R8602 and IESV 23006 DL – are suitable for food and for brewing beer. In the case of finger millet, farmers wanted access to seeds of…

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Changing the perception of millets – strategizing for promoting Smart Foods

Strategies to capitalize on existing networks and initiatives, and brainstorming ‘game changers’ to alter the image of millets was the main focus of discussion at the recently held Smart Foods workshop. The overall aim was to develop approaches to bring more attention to Smart Foods – foods like millets that are highly nutritious as well as being good for the environment and important for overcoming food insecurity. Research for development (R4D) funding for millets is extremely low compared to other…

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Sorghum and finger millet varieties showcased at county agri-fairs in Kenya

More and more farmers in Kenya are expressing interest in cultivating sorghum and finger millet varieties. The sorghum hybrid GADAM x IS 8193 was a big crowd-puller at the county agricultural shows organized by ICRISAT in collaboration with the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) and other stakeholders. The shows are aimed at displaying new varieties of sorghum and finger millet available to the farming community, proper husbandry practices, new technologies developed and value addition potential and products developed through training…

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Improving access to well-adapted and high-yielding sorghum and finger millet varieties in Tanzania

As part of the collaborative activities between ICRISAT and the Department of Research and Development (DRD) Tanzania, several on-farm activities were planned and executed in central Tanzania for the season 2013-2014. The sorghum hybrids (IESH 22012 and ATX 623 x Macia) were the first to be released in Tanzania. These hybdrids are well suited to the the dry lowland agro-ecologies of the country. They were released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, as a result of the collaboration…

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Farmers appreciative of finger millet yields in Malawi

To provide improved livelihoods and enhance food security in Malawi, a number of improved varieties of finger millet were introduced in Malawi. These varieties developed by ICRISAT-Kenya, were introduced in the districts of Mzimba and Kasungu in Northern and Central Malawi. To review the progress made in the region an ICRISAT team toured the region during the recent field days in Mzimba and Kasungu. In Kasungu, the field day was hosted by the Kamudi Nkata farmer group, in which 34…

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Millet for our Bread by 2050? (Reuters)

A new study by the CGIAR Consortium’s Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) estimates that the global production of wheat, rice and maize could decrease by 13 to 20 percent in the coming decades because of climate change – even as production needs to rise by 70 percent to feed the 9 billion people by 2050. To do that, CGIAR scientists suggest that farmers may have to cultivate crops that are more drought and heat tolerant, like millet, sorghum and barley.

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The CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Cereals (Dryland Cereals) is a partnership between two members of the CGIAR Consortium – ICRISAT (lead center), and ICARDA, along with a number of public and private institutes and organizations, governments, and farmers globally.
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