Dryland Cereals is a global partnership involving two members of the CGIAR Consortium – ICRISAT (lead center) and ICARDA – as well as several public and private institutes and organizations, governments and farmers.

Partners of Dryland Cereals include other CGIAR research programs and centers, national agricultural research institutes and their sub-regional coordination organizationsadvanced public and private research institutes, non-governmental organizationscivil society organizationsfarmer unionsgovernments and their donor-funded agricultural development programs and private enterprise.

Dryland Cereals Partnerships will be implemented through specified budget allocations to partners from the overall budget of Dryland Cereals, competitive or commissioned grants on invited proposals contributing directly to the outputs from Dryland Cereals, and the sharing of resources, knowledge and expertise amongst partners.


CGIAR Center Partners

Key Colloborating Partners
The CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Cereals (Dryland Cereals) is a partnership between two members of the CGIAR Consortium – ICRISAT (lead center), and ICARDA, along with a number of public and private institutes and organizations, governments, and farmers globally.fake watches
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